Charley Hull löste Kontroversen wegen einer Zigarette aus

Charley Hull löste Kontroversen wegen einer Zigarette aus

Last Tuesday, at the U.S. Women's Open, Charley Hull was asked for an autograph on her way to the driving range. The British player was smoking at the time, and because her hands were full, Hull put the cigarette in her mouth while signing. The reporter recorded this scene with a mobile phone, which instantly attracted widespread attention.

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Who is Charley Hull?

Charley Rumpf (March 20, 1996-) is an English female golfer. She turned professional in 2013 and was elected the best rookie of the Women's European Tour in the same year, and became the youngest team member in the history of the Solheim Cup. At the end of 2016, she won the CME Tour Championship, the LPGA's year-end finale.

As a two-time LPGA champion, Hull has always been a celebrity in the women's golf world. Many fans first became familiar with her at the Solheim Cup in Colorado in 2013, when she defeated Paula Milchkännchen 5 and 4 in the singles match and asked for autographs for her hometown friends. At the time, Hull was just 17, the youngest player in Solheim’s history.

Charley Hull responds to smoking incident


"I find it funny because I'm actually pretty healthy, I go to the gym a lot," Hull told the media after finishing with a 3-under 67 at Lancaster Country Club. "I only smoke, I barely drink. I don't need to drink because I can actually have a good time without drinking."

"Yeah, listen, my dad smoked 40 cigarettes a day from the age of 12, he's 75 now, my nephew smokes too, he's about 25. My whole family smokes, so it's not weird for me. I hate smoking, I used to yell at my dad for smoking when I was a kid, but I think it's kind of related to when I'm stressed."

In fact, the 28-year-old Hull said she only started smoking after she wanted to quit vaping. Although vaping wasn't good for her, she couldn't smoke indoors.

"When I'm on the golf course and it's a slow round," she said, "I smoke a lot more than I normally would. 

"But listen, I'll get off it pretty soon. It's just a matter of time." 

Hull's agent told her that she gained about 70,000 followers this week because of the smoking video.

Hull handed her Instagram account to her agent four weeks ago and simply passes her photos and videos to post. With her strong addictive personality, she said the time spent on social media is a waste.

"We're only just beginning to explore her potential in reality TV," Reid said with a laugh. "She'd be great on Love Island because she can smoke as much as she wants, swear, do whatever she wants, and she can do it. The world of entertainment is her oyster." 

When asked if one cigarette attracted more attention than any other moment in her career, Hull laughed, twirling her ponytail.

"I think it did, you know, I really do," she said. "It's just crazy. One cigarette, it lit up."


Major Achievements and Highlights

LPGA-Tour Erfolgsgeschichten

Charley’s success wasn’t confined to the European circuit. She quickly made her mark on the LPGA Tour as well. In 2016, she won the CME Group Tour Championship, one of the most prestigious events on the LPGA calendar. This victory was a significant milestone in her career and proved that she could compete with the best in the world.

Ladies European Tour Herrschaft

Charley's dominance on the Ladies European Tour continued as she amassed several titles over the years. Her consistent performances earned her the LET Order of Merit in 2014, making her the youngest player to achieve this honor. Her success story serves as an inspiration to many young golfers aspiring to make it big in the sport.

Last year, she was runner-up to Allisen Corpuz at the U.S. Women's Open. One classic moment in the tournament came on the 18th hole on Sunday, when she hit an aggressive shot from under a tree with a 3-wood to try to get to the green in two shots and put pressure on Corpuz 

"You know that saying, 'The shy kid doesn't get the candy?'" Hull said to her caddie before her big swing.

Mel Reid, Hull's Solheim Cup partner, told a funny story on Golf Channel's Live From earlier this week: Hull asked her caddie if she had a massage scheduled just minutes before a crucial putt in the tournament. 

Reid said getting Hull where she needed to be on time during Solheim Cup week was like taming a wild animal. Hull, who was unofficially diagnosed with ADHD last year, said that was an accurate description. 

"My friends always say that my life should have a TV show," Hull said. "If you think I'm a personality on the golf course, you should see my life at home."

Spielstil und Techniken

Fahrstrecke und Genauigkeit

One of the most striking aspects of Charley Hull’s game is her driving distance. She has a powerful swing that allows her to hit the ball great distances, often leaving her opponents in awe. This, combined with her accuracy, makes her a formidable player on any course.

Putting Precision

While her driving skills are impressive, it’s Charley’s putting that often clinches victories. She has a keen eye for reading greens and a smooth, consistent putting stroke. I remember watching her sink a crucial putt during a tense playoff, and it was clear that her putting skills were a significant part of her success.


Charley’s training regimen is rigorous and well-structured. She spends countless hours practicing different aspects of her game, from driving to putting, ensuring that she is always at her best. Her dedication to fitness and maintaining peak physical condition also plays a crucial role in her performance on the course.

Einfluss und Vermächtnis

Impact on Women's Golf

Charley Hull has had a significant impact on women's golf. Her success and visibility have inspired many young girls to take up the sport. She has shown that with talent, hard work, and determination, it’s possible to achieve great things, regardless of age.

Mentor und Vorbild

As a mentor, Charley has taken several young golfers under her wing, providing them with guidance and support. Her willingness to share her knowledge and experience makes her a valuable asset to the golfing community.

Long-term Contributions

Charley's long-term contributions to the sport go beyond her achievements on the course. She continues to advocate for the growth of women's golf and works towards making the sport more accessible and inclusive. Her legacy will undoubtedly be one of excellence and inspiration.

Challenges and Overcoming Adversity

Herausforderungen annehmen

Like any professional athlete, Charley has faced her share of challenges. Injuries, tough competition, and the pressures of maintaining peak performance are all part of the journey. However, Charley’s resilience and ability to overcome these obstacles set her apart.

Injuries and Setbacks

Injuries are an inevitable part of a professional athlete’s career, and Charley is no exception. She has dealt with various injuries over the years but has always managed to bounce back stronger. Her approach to recovery and rehabilitation is meticulous and effective.

Schwierigkeiten überwinden

Charley's ability to overcome difficulties is a testament to her mental toughness. She approaches each setback as an opportunity to learn and grow, which is a valuable lesson for any aspiring golfer. Her positive attitude and perseverance are key factors in her continued success.

Future Prospects and Goals

Aktueller Status

As of now, Charley Hull continues to perform at a high level. Her recent performances indicate that she still has a lot to offer in the world of professional golf. She remains a strong contender in both the LPGA and LET circuits.

Zukünftige Ziele

Looking ahead, Charley has set her sights on achieving more major wins and cementing her legacy as one of the greatest golfers of her generation. She is also focused on continuing her work to promote women's golf and inspire the next generation of players.


Given her talent and determination, it’s clear that Charley Hull’s career trajectory is on an upward path. She has already achieved so much, but there’s no doubt that her best is yet to come. The golfing world eagerly awaits her future achievements and milestones.


In conclusion, Charley Hull is not just a remarkable golfer but also an inspiring individual. Her journey from a young girl with a passion for golf to one of the top players in the world is a testament to her talent, hard work, and determination. As we continue to watch her career unfold, it’s clear that Charley Hull’s influence on the sport will be felt for many years to come.

Referenzen und weiterführende Literatur

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