Nelly Korda strebt nach ihrem Auftritt bei der Met Gala ihren siebten Titel der Saison an

Nelly Korda strebt nach ihrem Auftritt bei der Met Gala ihren siebten Titel der Saison an

From May 30 to June 2, the 79th U.S. Women's Open presented by Ally will be held at Lancaster Country Club in Pennsylvania. This is the oldest women's golf Grand Slam tournament, and this year its prize money has been increased to $12 million, setting a new record.

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Golf star Nelly Wiederholung machte sie Met Gala debut this month and shared her unique experience at the "ultimate crowd-watching event." Korda revealed in an interview that the event provided her with many unforgettable moments, especially when she realized she was taller than most people in the celebrity-filled event.


"It was really the ultimate crowd-watching event," Korda said. "It was really shocking to be standing next to all these celebrities that you've heard of and seen on TV. Ed Sheeran walked right by me. What was even more surprising to me was that I was taller than everyone else. Of course, I was wearing heels."

She also joked, "I was like, 'Oh, everyone, the air is pretty good here.'" She said the experience was very cool and that it was her first time walking into the Met Museum, which was a great experience. She added, "I really hope to come back one day and really experience the whole thing."

Korda's appearance at the Met Gala not only attracted attention from the fashion world, but also made her fans in the sports world proud. As a top player in the golf world, she is also good at fashion. When asked about her outfit at the Met Gala, Korda revealed that she wore an elegant dress designed by a well-known designer, which perfectly showed her tall figure and fashion taste.

The theme of this Met Gala is "The intersection of fashion and culture", and many stars have put on gorgeous clothes to show their unique understanding of the theme. Korda's debut not only won her applause from the fashion industry, but also made her look forward to more similar opportunities in the future. She said: "This experience has made me understand the charm of fashion and culture more, and I am very much looking forward to participating in such an event again."


2024 US-Frauen-Open

There are 156 players participating in this year's U.S. Women's Open, led by two-time Grand Slam champion and world No. 1 Nelly Wiederholung, who will be striving for her seventh victory of the season. Grand Slam champions Céline Boutier, Ashleigh Buha, Brooke Henderson, Lydia Ko, etc., and Grand Slam champion Yin Ruoning from mainland China will also participate.


This week, a total of four players from mainland China have qualified, including Yin Ruoning, Lin Xiyu, and potential stars Liu Yan and Liu Ruixin who broke through the qualifying round!

Yin Ruoning arrived in Lancaster on Saturday afternoon and walked 9 holes on the course on Sunday to familiarize herself with the environment. On Monday, after playing 9 holes, she said: "The greens are very challenging. The slope of the greens is large, and you must choose a good landing point." Two weeks ago, she withdrew from the LPGA Mizuho Bank Open due to a wrist injury. Now returning to the court, Yin Ruoning said that she has no set goals this week, "lightweight!"

In the 2024 season, Yin Ruoning entered the top ten twice, with her best result being a tie for fourth place in the Founders Cup. In an interview with reporters, she admitted that her condition is getting better. "I am very grateful for the support of domestic fans. I see many fans on the Internet saying 'Keep going, Xiao Yin', which gives me a lot of strength. There are many things to encounter when fighting in a foreign country. I know that there are many fans supporting me in the back, which makes me feel very happy." Next, Yin Ruoning will start at 8:02 on Thursday morning local time in the United States at the No. 1 hole to start the Grand Slam. Mainland China's famous player Lin Xiyu will start at the 10th hole at 8:35; Liu Ruixin will start at the No. 1 hole at 8:46; Liu Yan will start at the No. 1 hole at 14:42.

Nelly Korda and her sister Jessica Korda

Schwester Jessica Corda and sister Nelly Korda are now the most famous pair of sisters in the LPGA.

The sisters have successively become members of the LPGA. Because of their good looks and good figures, they have become the new golf sweethearts after "Pink Leopard" Creamer.

Sister Jessica Korda has taken over Woods's class and become the spokesperson for TAG Heuer in the golf world.

The sisters' father, Petr Korda, won the Grand Slam at the Australian Open in 1998 and reached the second place in the world at his highest ranking. Their mother Regina Raichrtova is also a good tennis player, and her world ranking has reached 25th.

But the sisters did not follow their parents' path in the tennis world and became professional golfers one after another.

Jessica Korda also practiced tennis, but finally chose golf. "I actually played a lot of sports since I was little, including tennis, but I was too tall to do gymnastics or figure skating," Jessica Korda said. "As for tennis, I didn't like sweating, so I gave it up and eventually chose golf."

Jessica Korda's choice of golf eventually influenced her sister. "Since she could walk, my sister has been imitating me," she said. "She went to the driving range with me, to the golf course with me, watched me play, and tried it herself. She eventually fell in love with the sport and eventually embarked on the path of golf.

Sister Jessica Korda was born in 1993. She is young, interesting, fresh, outgoing, sincere and beautiful; she has a good sense of humor and, more importantly, dares to laugh at herself.

She will spontaneously communicate with thousands of fans on social networks, and she will even take selfies on the golf course. She can be relaxed and unrestrained in any situation.

Jessica Korda, who started playing golf at the age of 8, participated in the U.S. Women's Golf Open as an amateur in 2008. She is a member of the U.S. team for the 2009 Junior Solheim Cup and the 2010 Curtis Cup.

In 2012, she won her first career championship at the Australian Women's Open, and she is also the sixth youngest champion in the history of this competition. Today, Jessica Korda has four LPGA championship trophies.

Sister Nelly Korda (Nelly Korda) Korda was born in 1998. She just turned professional last year and won the Metra Tour Sioux Falls Classic. At the end of the season, she ranked in the top 10 of the tournament's prize money list and successfully qualified for the 2017 LPGA.

In today's LPGA, the Korda sisters can often be seen in the same event. Although the younger sister has not won her first LPGA championship, she often plays low-scoring golf. I believe that the day of her first championship is not too far away.


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On the golf course, Korda has won the love of countless fans with her excellent skills and indomitable spirit. Her fashion appearance has won her more attention and demonstrated her multifaceted talents in different fields. Whether in the stadium or in the fashion industry, Nelly Korda is constantly breaking through herself and showing her infinite possibilities.

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