Die 79. US Women's Open gingen erfolgreich zu Ende

Die 79. US Women's Open gingen erfolgreich zu Ende

The U.S. Women's Open is one of 13 open tournaments held by the United States Golf Association (USGA). It is one of the four major championships in women's golf. The LPGA immediately designated it as a major championship upon its founding in 1950.

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What is the US Women's Open?

Among the four major women's professional golf open tournaments, the US Women's Open Championship is the most authoritative and oldest women's professional golf tournament. The Women's Open Championship began in 1946 and is the most difficult tournament to participate in and the most difficult to win. Unlike men's competitions, women's Grand Slam tournaments are not unified in the world. The European Ladies Golf Association does not recognize the three Grand Slam tournaments held in the United States: the US Women's Open, the LPGA Championship and the Kraft Championship. Similarly, the Japanese LPGA has its own Grand Slam tournaments. However, the US LPGA is a major event in women's golf, and most female golf masters come to the United States to participate in these Grand Slam tournaments, making it a de facto world Grand Slam.

In the 2007 US Women's Open, for the first time, more foreign players participated than American players. In 2008, Inbee Park from South Korea became the youngest champion at the age of 19.

The total prize money for the U.S. Women's Open rose to $4.5 million (about RMB 27.94 million) in 2015, $4 million in 2014 and $3.25 million in 2013.


2024 79th U.S. Women's Open

On June 3, the 79th U.S. Women's Open presented by Ally ended at Lancaster Country Club in Pennsylvania. In the final on Sunday, Japanese player Yuka Saso shot 68 and defeated compatriot Hinako Shibuno by 3 strokes with a total score of 276 to be crowned the champion. The total prize money of this event is 12 million US dollars, and Yuka Saso won the championship prize of 2.4 million yuan.

Japanese player-Yuka Saso

Yuka Saso is the 2021 U.S. Women's Open champion. At that time, she became the youngest champion in the history of the event at the age of 19 years, 11 months and 17 days. This year, at the age of 22, she won the championship trophy again and became the double champion of the U.S. Women's Open. Yuka Saso was also emotional and shed tears.

"I always feel very close to the USGA tournament. I am very happy to win my second championship. I really want to win, and I want to prove something to myself. I also doubted whether I could win again, but now that I have won, I am really happy." Yuka Sasuo said. In this year's US Women's Open, she shot 68 in the first round and became the sole leader on 18 holes; 71 in the second round and 69 in the third round also made her 3 strokes behind the leaderboard and entered the final round, and also maintained her chance to compete for the championship.

On Sunday, Yuka Sasuo caught a birdie on the 2nd hole shortly after the start, and swallowed double bogey on the 6th hole, entering the second half with +1 stroke. Subsequently, Yuka Sasuo caught four birdies from the 12th to the 16th hole, and also sent herself to the leaderboard. After swallowing bogey on the 17th hole and keeping par on the 18th hole, Yuka Sasuo ended the game with -2, 68 strokes, and the total score came to -4, 276 strokes, becoming the leader of the club. "I never knew how other players played, and I didn't check the results. I didn't relax during the whole process, so I tried to focus on my own game," Yuka Sasuo said after the game. When all the players finished the game, no one could hit -4, and Yuka Sasuo successfully won the championship trophy.

Mainland Chinese players performed steadily

The three participating mainland Chinese players performed steadily and all entered the top 30. Among them, Yin Ruoning handed in 71 strokes, with a total score of 284 strokes, and finally tied for 12th place; Liu Yan handed in 67 strokes, with a total score of 286 strokes, rushed to a tie for 19th place; Lin Xiyu handed in 71 strokes, with a total score of 289 strokes, ranked tied for 29th place.

Yin Ruoning handed in a round of "first depression and then rise" on Sunday, with a bogey and a double bogey in the first 9 holes. After the transition, he made birdies on the 14th and 16th holes, and ended the game with +1 stroke and 71 strokes. "Today, I didn't feel very good, but after starting the game, I slowly got into the state and played better." Yin Ruoning admitted that because of a wrist injury, her mentality has been very calm this week, and she did what she said before the game "lighten the load".

Liu Yan played very actively today, catching an eagle, 7 birdies, swallowing 6 bogeys, and handing in 67 strokes, 3 strokes below par. "In this round, my shot quality was very good, so I chose to attack aggressively. I also had good mid- and long-range putts, and I caught a lot of birdies. But because it is difficult to recover from mistakes on this golf course, I didn't grasp some short putts of three or four yards, and there were some mistakes, and I had more bogeys than pars." After the game, Liu Yan said, "There were many spectators at the venue, and the atmosphere of the event was very good. This is also a good exercise for me." Overall, she was very satisfied with her skills and quality this week, but she felt that there was room for improvement in her thoughts and psychological state.

Chinese Golden Flower Lin Xiyu struggled today. She caught three birdies in the whole round and then bogeys, and her results were up and down. In the end, Lin Xiyu caught a total of 3 birdies and swallowed 4 bogeys in the final round, with a total score of 289 (72-73-73-71), and finished tied for 29th place.


Letzte Worte

Thus, the 79th U.S. Women's Open came to a successful conclusion. In 2025, the 80th U.S. Women's Open will be held at Erin Hills Golf Club from May 26 to June 1.


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