Xander Schauffele enthüllt die Geschichte hinter dem Putter des PGA-Champions

Xander Schauffele enthüllt die Geschichte hinter dem Putter des PGA-Champions

Golf fans know that winning a major championship requires skill, precision, and a bit of magic. For Xander Schauffele, the recent PGA Championship was a testament to these qualities, with his trusty putter playing a starring role.

In diesem Artikel Galileo-Sport will dive into Schauffele's journey to victory, explore the unique characteristics of his putter, and uncover the story behind this essential piece of equipment.

Die Geschichte dahinter Wärmt auf

Influence of parents

Papa Stefan Schauffele is of German-French descent, and mother Chen Bingyi is of Chinese and Japanese descent. The two met in 1988 at the United States International University (today's Alante University) in San Diego. At that time, Chen Bingyi could not speak English and Stefan could not understand Chinese, but they fell in love at first sight and later had two sons - Zander and his brother Nico.

Chen Bingyi's ancestral home is Xiamen. He was born in Taiwan, grew up in Japan, and came to the United States to study. The reason why his father Stefan chose the United States is even more sad. At the age of 20, he was hit by a drunk driver in his hometown of Stuttgart, Germany. The car window was broken and the glass pierced his eye.

For two years, Stefan was in and out of the hospital, but he still couldn't save his eyes. He was good at many sports, including football, squash, skiing, and athletics, but with the loss of vision in one eye, these sports no longer have a future. During that period, he was quite depressed and even drank to relieve his sorrow. He finally chose to go to the United States because he didn't want to pass by the scene of the incident every day when he went to school and be reminded of the past.

After getting married, the couple returned to Germany for a while, then returned to San Diego, and then turned to Hawaii, where Stefan worked as an assistant golf coach, but eventually settled in San Diego.

When his two children were very young, Stefan imagined that they would become athletes one day, and tested their athletic talents from time to time, because his grandfather and grandfather were professional football players in Austria and Germany. In particular, Stefan's German grandfather Richard later became one of Germany's famous discus and javelin athletes. He was over 2 meters tall and won more than 40 championships.

At the age of 6, Zander could volley a football with both feet, and with his brother Nico, he majored in football. But after being a defender for many years, Zander hoped to change to a forward because being a defender means you will give up the opportunity to score.

"The revelation of football is that I learned that I hate losing," Zander said, "Team competitions are fun, you can play with other children, but we always lose, and I am angry beyond imagination."

Zander wants to control his own destiny more and more. When he saw that he couldn't get rid of the role of guard, he chose to give up, and he never joined any football team again.

Switching to golf

Since the age of 9, Stefan has taught Xander golf, and they joined Bernardo Highlands Country Club. His father was his only swing coach, and in college, Derek Uyeda became his putting coach.

Although Stefan didn't play golf in his youth, he went to a golf academy when he was in San Diego and learned teaching theory from the famous local coach A.J. Bonar. His golf teaching philosophy is the same as his way of raising his son, and his son must listen to him. It was fine at first, but it was not good when he reached adolescence, and the result can be imagined.

"Now that I'm older, I understand how patient he is with me," Xander said, "He treats me much better than I treat him."

Unlike his peers Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas, Xander didn't have much fame when he was young because he only participated in one AJGA competition. Their family couldn't afford the $20,000 travel expenses every year.

A little famous

But it turns out that children from poor families can also play golf well. In 2017, the rookie year of the PGA Tour, he went from obscurity to winning two PGA Tour victories in one fell swoop, especially after winning the Tour Championship, the final battle of the season's FedEx Cup, and became the well-deserved Rookie of the Year. When he came to Shanghai to participate in the World Golf Championships-HSBC Champions and defeated Tony Finau in the overtime to achieve his first victory in the World Golf Championship, people no longer dared to ignore this rising star and put him in the same league as Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas. He won the first game of 2019, the Sentry Tournament of Champions, and he has entered the top three in three of the four majors and has been ranked in the top ten in the world. He must have become a hot candidate for the US Presidents Cup team.

When Zander is most honest, he will tell you: He never thought he could win the PGA Tour and have what he has today. He just wants to make money and make a living. But he is getting more and more comfortable with lifting the trophy again and again. Perhaps his mixed family background, his parents' strict education, and his sports genes will eventually take him to a farther place...

Die Reise zum Sieg

Setting the Stage: Schauffele's Performance at the PGA Championship

Xander Schauffele's performance at the PGA Championship was nothing short of spectacular. From the first tee shot to the final putt, he demonstrated the kind of focus and determination that makes champions. But if you ask Schauffele, he'd likely point to his putter as a key factor in his success.

I remember watching the tournament with a group of friends, all of us avid golfers. As Schauffele lined up his putts, we couldn't help but marvel at his consistency. It was clear that this wasn't just any putter – it was a well-honed tool that Schauffele had mastered.

Key Moments and the Putter's Crucial Role

Several moments during the tournament highlighted the importance of Schauffele's putter. One of the most memorable was on the 16th hole of the final round. Facing a tricky downhill putt, Schauffele calmly sank it, maintaining his lead and setting the stage for his eventual victory.

Unveiling the Putter

Introducing Schauffele's Putter

So, what makes Schauffele's putter so special? Let's break it down. Schauffele uses an Odyssey O-Works #7 CH Red putter. This putter features a unique Microhinge face insert that helps promote topspin for a smoother roll. The red finish isn't just for aesthetics; it helps with alignment, ensuring Schauffele's putts start on the intended line.

For the uninitiated, choosing the right putter can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. There are countless options, each with its own set of features and benefits. Schauffele's choice of the Odyssey O-Works #7 CH Red putter speaks volumes about his attention to detail and understanding of his own game.

The Significance of the Putter

In golf, the putter is often considered the most personal club in the bag. It's the one club that can make or break a round. For Schauffele, his putter is more than just a piece of equipment; it's an extension of his skill and mental game.

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Lessons from Schauffele's Journey

Schauffele's Approach to Putting

One of the biggest takeaways from Schauffele's story is the importance of a consistent putting routine. He emphasizes the need for a repeatable stroke and a reliable pre-putt routine. This consistency helps him stay focused and execute under pressure.

For amateur golfers, adopting a similar approach can be hugely beneficial. Developing a consistent routine and sticking to it can improve your putting performance and overall confidence on the greens.

The Importance of Equipment Selection

Schauffele's success highlights the significance of selecting the right equipment. While skill and technique are paramount, having the right tools can enhance performance. This is true for golfers of all levels. Investing time in finding the right putter – one that feels comfortable and suits your stroke – can make a noticeable difference.

I remember spending an afternoon at a local golf shop, trying out different putters on their indoor green. It was a valuable experience that helped me understand what I needed in a putter. For anyone serious about improving their game, I highly recommend taking the time to find the right equipment.

Broader Lessons on Dedication and Perseverance

Beyond equipment and technique, Schauffele's journey with his putter is a testament to dedication and perseverance. He faced challenges and setbacks, but his commitment to improving his putting never wavered. This determination is something all golfers can learn from, whether you're aiming for a major championship or simply looking to lower your handicap.


Recap of Schauffele's Victory

Xander Schauffele's victory at the PGA Championship was a masterclass in skill, focus, and resilience. His putter played a crucial role in his success, underscoring the importance of having the right equipment and the confidence to use it effectively.

The Significance of the Putter

In the world of golf, the putter is a uniquely personal club. For Schauffele, it represents years of hard work, countless hours of practice, and the culmination of his efforts. His story reminds us that success on the greens is about more than just talent – it's about finding the right tools and dedicating yourself to mastering them.

Looking Ahead

As Schauffele continues his career, his putter will undoubtedly remain a key component of his game. For the rest of us, his journey offers valuable lessons on the importance of equipment selection, the benefits of a consistent routine, and the power of perseverance. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a weekend warrior, there's something to be learned from the story behind Xander Schauffele's putter.


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